The Grateful Dead play in 1987 at Alpine Valley, which Wavra helped become the biggest amphitheater in the country at the time. (Getty Images) What Brad Wavra, Live Nation Touring SVP, knows about playing stadiums could fill up, well, a stadium With close to 50 years working in the live business, Brad Wavra, senior vice president at Live Nation Touring, has more industry experience under his belt than many top concert executives combined: from his earliest days working the Milwaukee club scene of the early 1970s to becoming a regional power player with the expansion of Wisconsin’s Alpine Valley Music Theatre to booking national tours with Magic Works in the late 1990s where he took the pop explosion of Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and Britney Spears and later One Direction to stadiums. VenuesNow caught up with the veteran promoter, who continues to operate at the highest level of the industry running… Continue Reading Big Name in Big Buildings

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