ExtraMile Arena got its new name as part of a 15-year, $8.4 million deal. (Courtesy Boise State University)

Naming-rights deal among recent changes at venue

When the owner of Meridian, Idaho-based Jacksons Convenience Stores acquired a 50% stake in the ExtraMile brand, it came at a convenient time for the local university.

“They are big supporters of Boise State University, so they decided to make the jump as naming-rights sponsor,” said McQ Olsen, associate director of marketing for the school’s 12,808-capacity multipurpose arena.

Through a 15-year, $8.4 million deal, Boise’s Taco Bell Arena became ExtraMile Arena.

“Our last naming rights with Taco Bell began in 2004 with a 15-year agreement for $4 million,” Olsen said. “As the new naming-rights opportunity came available, we were able to double our investment.”

The new branding includes signage, websites, social media handles and a logo on the arena’s basketball floor. The concession stands also are being revamped with grab-and-go items that will expand ExtraMile’s fresh-made offerings.

“The ExtraMile folks have a local food plant near Boise and are providing extra items beyond typical concessions food,” Olsen said.

The naming rights were announced in June, and the conversion, including a new 44- by 10-foot sign with LED lighting, was carried out in September. Cost for the changes was about $300,000.

The first event following the new naming-rights sponsorship was a concert featuring Ghost on Sept. 27. The arena typically hosts 150 events a year, and all will be part of the new branding.

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