RAPIDLY EVOLVING: A passenger uses a rapid testing service at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport. (Getty Images) Head of Charlotte PAC on how rapid testing can set the stage for a big comeback  Rapid COVID-19 testing should become an important layer in live event health and safety measures as vaccines are rolled out and the venues industry emerges from the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic, says Tom Gabbard, CEO of the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in Charlotte, N.C. “It’s become clear that we are going to need a variety of tools,” Gabbard said. “Early on in this I think a lot of us studied the various hygiene measures that were important and our colleagues in Korea have very successfully played “Phantom” and “Cats” over there using just a very strong mask requirement and some other hygiene measures, but as I got further into this it became clear that one missing tool… Continue Reading INTIX Quarterly: Rapid Response

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