Maureen Andersen President and CEO, INTIX The bad news lumbers on. Who would have thought?  Who would have conceived this new world we are in?  To say that we were, as a collective industry, “blindsided,” is an understatement. Arguably there isn’t a single ticket professional, performer, player, executive, stagehand, designer, fan or patron who would ever have thought that we’d be so totally and completely ground to an entire stop of shutting the doors and turning off the lights. Except for the “ghost light,” our venues are closed, the seasons are canceled or rolled forward to some indeterminate date and the venues stand silent.  There may have been reasons in the past that a given league, organization, theater or element of the industry had closed, but there was always a clear path forward to reopening. We could see the light at the end of the tunnel and knew that it would only take the… Continue Reading Letter From Maureen: Silence? I Don’t Hear It
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