Jaime Kelsall of the talent agency APA has been working in the Florida market for the last 18 years. APA clients include Judas Priest, Blondie, Mary J. Blige and Million Dollar Quartet. Tell me about the Florida market. It’s an extremely healthy market. It’s an extremely crowded market. It’s stable as far as attendance goes. It supports a number of different genres across the state. Does the market shift as you travel across the state? Absolutely. Certain genres will do better in different parts of the state. In Jacksonville, rock bands will do well; they won’t do as well in South Florida or Tampa, mostly because Jacksonville has active rock stations dominating the marketplace. Hip-hop will not do as well in Jacksonville as they will in Orlando. (Electronic dance music) is huge in South Florida and Miami but not in Pensacola, Tampa or Jacksonville. Florida is a huge state. Between […]
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