Tallahassee’s biggest indoor venue, shown in 2014, holds 14,000 people. (Getty Images) Mix of college students and politicians makes it a distinct music market Mark Hinson is the former head senior music writer for Tallahassee’s daily newspaper, the Democrat, and has been writing about the local music scene for 27 years. Kati Schardl is the current music writer for the Democrat. Together, they’ve seen the market grow from a strictly university town to a more diverse city with its own vibrant music scene. Tell us about the Tallahassee music scene. Hinson: Locally there is a lot of talent in Tallahassee; we are known for Creed and T-Pain. They are not indicative of the music scene, though. We are a college town so there are a lot of bands that appeal to college people that come here. We’ve always turned out interesting bands. If you know where to go, you can see… Continue Reading Scene: Tallahassee
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