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Diversifying Your Venue to Create and Maintain an Environment for All

Throughout every venue, sport, team, league, agency and vendor, striving for greater diversity holistically must be the end goal, yet many struggle with issues regarding inclusivity, or allowing and accommodating people who have historically been excluded. So, what can venue managers and owners do in order to create an environment for all?

One initiative is to create a more inclusive environment by booking unique and different talent, acts and tours. Is your venue known to primarily show one type of concert/musical performance or do you have a mix of genres? What is appealing to all demographics in your respective market or conversely, who may be unique to bring to your market for the first time for others to be exposed to?

Another potential issue is having an uncomfortable audience. Is the environment welcoming for all parties? Are your menu options varied? Are your entrances and exits accessible? These all may seem obvious inside a facility but where it can set a venue apart is recognizing that each fan/guest/attendee is different, and their needs can be addressed with specific offerings, accommodations and attitudes/perceptions.

Between the programming at the venue and the facility’s malleability, those in leadership roles need to be the ones taking charge of these agenda items to implement change. Is diversity promoted in the facility? Have those leaders maintained an inclusive culture in the workplace? Is your staff diverse in gender, race, thoughts, skill set, education and background? 

When in doubt, start with your staff as a lens through which to view and/or create diversity and inclusion initiatives within your organizations and throughout the industry.