Ideas and suggestions on live event safety, security and crowd management from Prevent Advisors. As U.S. commercial sales of unmanned aircraft systems, or drones, rapidly rise and their capabilities evolve, organizations are beginning to strongly consider integrating the technology into security and safety operations. Such systems can serve as a beneficial tool for businesses, providing a reliable, cost-effective way to reduce risk to employees, improve operational efficiency and increase situational awareness.  Although drones can provide benefits, U.S. intelligence and security officials have repeatedly warned about the cyber and data security risks associated with information or communications technologies designed, manufactured or sold by commercial enterprises operating under the control or influence of a foreign authoritarian state. While the risk of compromise is inherent in any technology that generates or collects sensitive data or otherwise has access to critical systems, the risk increases dramatically where the technology is made or sold by… Continue Reading Security Tip of the Month: July 2019

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