President of Business Operations, Philadelphia Flyers and Wells Fargo Center (Courtesy Comcast Spectacor)
It’s great to have mentors in the workplace, but she always listens to mom.

I thought I’d grow up to be
I wanted to be a movie star, but I thought I would end up being a lawyer.

First job in the industry
NBA team marketing and business operations in NYC. I led the team business analytics group.

Favorite part of the job
My job is to create memories for families, friends and loved ones that last a lifetime and help define their connection to their community.

Least favorite part of the job
Our platform is 24/7 so I’m never truly “off.” I’ll check my phone on a deserted island with no service because something important might have happened.

My mom. She is still advising me and is almost always right. I am not sure how that happens. Always listen to mom.

Best advice received
Move to New York and go after your dreams.

Favorite theater show
“Wicked.” Everyone deserves the chance to fly. 

Biggest achievement in your career
I’ll let you know when I’m done. 

Best day on the job
There are too many to count. I love what I do and have incredible memories and friends from so many places I’ve worked.

Worst day on the job
9/11. I worked near the Pentagon and when we were sent home, I drove through the smoke billowing down Washington Boulevard. It was surreal and awful.