Chris Giles, Greenfield Sports Group founder. (Courtesy Greenfield Sports Group) Former A’s COO Giles sees the chance to tailor programs to teams’ needs Fresh from announcing the launch of his new company, Greenfield Sports Group, former Oakland A’s Chief Operating Officer Chris Giles spoke with VenuesNow about the popular subscription-style ticketing model he helped implement as part of the team’s A’s Access program in 2019 at RingCentral Coliseum and his aim of helping other teams and properties develop programs of their own. Is the subscription model the wave of the future for baseball and other sports teams? I believe it is. Fans are demanding flexibility. Teams and other properties do need a better business model, one that removes the revenue ceiling, builds more sustainable revenue streams and provides fans with significant value for their direct relationship with the team. I think as an industry we’ve been hyperfocused on yield management… Continue Reading Greenfield Wants to Grow Subscription Ticketing
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