HOT TICKETS is a weekly summary of the top events and ticket sales as reported to VNPulse via Pollstar. Following are the top 20 concerts and events, the top 5 in each capacity category, that took place July 10-Aug. 9. More than 15,000 Capacity 10,001-15,000 Capacity 5,001-10,000 Capacity 5,000 or Less Capacity 1) Coldplay Tickets Sold: 318,331; Venue: Stade de France, Saint-Denis; Gross: $28,035,164; Ticket Range: $25.14-$125.68; Promoter: Live Nation; Dates: July 16-20; No. of Shows: 42) Coldplay Tickets Sold: 216,535; Venue: Olympiastadion, Berlin; Gross: $20,389,783; Ticket Range: $25.46-$127.30; Promoter: Live Nation; Dates: July 10-13; No. of Shows: 3 3) Kenny Chesney Tickets Sold: 60,023; Venue: Empower Field at Mile High, Denver; Gross: $6,535,578; Ticket Range: $20-$250; Promoter: Messina Touring Group/AEG Presents; Dates: July 30; No. of Shows: 1 4) George Strait Tickets Sold: 57,852; Venue: GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Mo.; Gross: $10,400,027; Ticket Range: $21-$500; Promoter:… Continue Reading HOT TICKETS: AUGUST 11, 2022
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