HOT TICKETS is a weekly summary of the top events and ticket sales as reported to VNPulse via Pollstar. Following are the top 20 concerts and events, the top 5 in each capacity category, that took place July 24-Aug. 23. More than 15,000 Capacity 10,001-15,000 Capacity 5,001-10,000 Capacity 5,000 or Less Capacity 1) Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival Tickets Sold: 222,518; Venue: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco; Gross: $33,902,932; Ticket Range: $175-$395; Promoter: Another Planet Entertainment; Dates: Aug. 5-7; No. of Shows: 32) Ed Sheeran Tickets Sold: 166,764; Venue: Stade de France, Saint-Denis; Gross: $11,051,261; Ticket Range: $40.72-$81.45; Promoter: Olympia Productions; Dates: July 29-30; No. of Shows: 2 3) Ed Sheeran Tickets Sold: 156,818; Venue: ├śrstedsparken, Copenhagen, Denmark; Gross: $15,229,461; Ticket Range: $85.80-$96.09; Promoter: Smash! Bang! Pow!; Dates: Aug. 3-6; No. of Shows: 4 4) Ed Sheeran Tickets Sold: 120,283; Venue: Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, Sweden; Gross: $9,513,028; Ticket Range:… Continue Reading HOT TICKETS: AUGUST 25, 2022

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