Maureen Andersen President and CEO, INTIX Time passes. And just like that, we have cleared the one-year shutdown milestone.  When you reflect on the past year with the associated loss, pain, horror, shock, strife, uncertainty and illness, it is a miracle that not only are we still standing but we are here to tell the tales. Like all seminal events and times this moment in time and history, for the live entertainment professional, will mark us forever.  Eventually these times will become part of our storytelling canon. We will share our tales of where we were when it happened, what happened to us, what we had to do to keep the ‘live’ alive during the dark times, where we were during the long intermission, how many social distancing seating configurations we had, what our seating pods were, if we were employed or if we had to rebuild a career.  This… Continue Reading Letter From Maureen: We Will Tell the Stories
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